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Stun Mini Baton Stun Gun 7.5M Volts

Baton Stun Gun - Streetwise 7.5M Volts Mini Baton

Item #   ST00016

This Streetwise stun gun model looks like a quality baton that one might wear on a belt. This compact unit packs a 7.5 million volt stun and can be functionally used as a club. Easy to conceal yet holds firmly in your hand when utliizing.
  • NEW, Slim baton model
  • Rechargeable
  • Small in size, not in stopping power, 7.5M volts
  • Easy to conceal
  • Safety switch prevents accidental discharge
  • 12" Overall Length
  • Holster included

$59.95 (STD)
  • Specifications
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Product Category:  Stun Baton
Style:  Baton
Voltage:  7,500,000
Power Source:  Rechargeable
Additional Features:  Flashlight
This item can ship air.

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New Jersey
New York
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Personal Safety Shop has recently added the baton stun gun to its existing offering. Today it is important for all citizens to feel safe as they go about their everyday business. Many individuals feel uncomfortable having a firearm such as a pistol in their home or residence. Additionally, there is always the chance that a firearm can get in the hands of the wrong person and ultimately do harm to others. Having the correct type of stun gun is the best of both worlds because it offers personal protection and it makes sense economically.

This device may be the ideal type of stun gun for you. It produces 7.5M volts and it doubles as a baton to offer you two separate types of protection. Additionally, it has adequate a safety switch. This site continues to offer high quality items at extremely competitive prices.

Personal Safety Shop is an internet web site designed to meet your everyday personal security needs. There are many different items available to you to include stun guns, pepper spray, diversion safes, security cameras, and alarms. When an individual shops for their particular security needs they should make certain that the purchase is practical for their specific application, it is of good quality, and it is priced competitively. This site clearly meeds all of these basis security parameters and then some! So do not hesitate, perform the proper amount of research then select the baton that best fits your security requirements.