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Cell Phone Stun Gun 3.5M Volts

Cell Phone Stun Gun-3.5M volts with Safety Switch, LED Flashlight

Item #   ST00019

Standard industry black and gray finish makes this model a very realistic looking Cell Phone. Unit includes a built in flashlight and a powerful 3.5M volts for additional security. Once safety switch is in the on position, conveniently located buttons easily activate the stun function or flashlight with a touch.
  • The unit fires 3.5M volts
  • Slender and compact, little over 4" tall
  • Built in Flashlight
  • Unit has wall charger
  • Safety Switch: prevents accidental discharge
  • Stylish black cell phone holster included
  • Note: not a working cell phone

$59.95 (STD)
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Product Category:  Cell Phone Stun Gun
Voltage:  3,500,000
Power Source:  Wall charger
Additional Features:  Flashlight
This item can ship air.

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A cell phone stun gun can't call for help but with 3.5M volts of protection you won't need to! This is the most realistic looking device on the market today. The stun gun is small in size and yet can deliver a high degree of protection. To prevent accidential discharge the device has a safety switch. An added feature is the built in LED flashlight.

Most people do not know how they will respond to a threat to their personal safety. A security item like cell phone stun guns will guarantee that you are able to protect yourself no matter what your emotional state is or the circumstances. Stun guns are great options for personal protection. The cell phone stun gun model may be more appealling to you because of its small size and significant shock power.

Wonder if it is safe to carry a stun gun in your purse or pocket? Your worries can be put to rest knowing that this item has a safety device to prevent the gun from accidential discharge. Every responsible person should take all possible precautions to ensure their personal safety. As protection becomes a growing concern, the variety of security items and self defense tools available to consumers is on the rise. Cell phone stun guns are easy to use, safe, and a reliable means of self defense.

Remember, cell phone stun guns are safe, easy to operate, and an economical way to give you immediate protection on a daily basis. So do not hesitate! Make the easy decision to purchase a this item for yourself, friend, or loved one.