Cell Phone Stun Gun Pink 5.5M Volts Rechargeable

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Cell Phone Stun Gun Pink 5.5M Volts Rechargeable

Cell Phone Stun Gun - Immobilizer 5.5M volts, Pink w/light

Item #   ST00027

Looks like a Pink Cell Phone but packs a big charge at 5,500,000 million volts. Unit includes a built in flashlight and a powerful 5,500,000 volt stun gun for additional security. Once safety switch is in on position, conveniently located buttons easily activate the stun function or flashlight with a touch.
  • Stun Gun fires 5.5M volts
  • Slender and compact, less than 4" tall
  • Built in LED Flashlight
  • Rechargeable - no batteries needed
  • Safety Switch prevents accidental discharge
  • Cell phone holster included
  • Note: not a working cell phone

$59.95 (STD)
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Product Category:  Cell Phone Stun Gun
Voltage:  5,500,000
Power Source:  Rechargeable
Additional Features:  Flashlight
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Do you ever feel insecure about walking to your car at night?

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