Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras, also known as "nanny cams" have been featured on many of the top news programs and, as such, are becoming more and more popular because of their proven effectiveness in identifying abuse in conditions where you expect trusting service as you do with Nannies, Babysitters, Maids or tenants. How can a parent ever know for sure about the care being given their children without installing a hidden camera? Times are tough enough for the small business owner...the last thing you need is a "trusted employee" skimming off of the top. Or how about the productivity of your employees when you are out of the office and out of sight? Noticing you have to buy copy paper or pens more than you have had in the past? A simple HIDDEN CAMERA disguised as a small clock can give you the piece of mind that everything is OK. Homeowners or renters have found many service workers, trusted to enter their home at will, abusing that trust in many ways. The dog walker who never walks or feeds your dog, the maid who not only doesn't clean, but consumes your food and beverages, or even pilfers your infrequently used jewelry can all be EXPOSED with the strategic use of a hidden camera. And how many movies have depicted the adolescent babysitters that see watching your children as an opportunity to invite friends/boyfriends over? Are they experimenting in your house and around your children with drugs or alcohol? Or, are they physically or verbally abusing your loved ones? Only a hidden camera from your friends at the Personal Safety Shop can give you the assurances you need to know that your loved ones and valuables are safe!

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Hidden Camera - Mini Clock DVR (4GB)
4GB Mini Clock Hidden Camera
Item #HC00001


$79.95 (STD)

Hidden Camera - Spy Clock DVR (4GB)
4GB Spy Clock Hidden Camera with motion sensor
Item #HC00002


$109.95 (STD)

Hidden Camera - Spy Digital Alarm Clock DVR (4GB-32GB)
Spy Digital Alarm Clock Hidden Camera with motion sensor
Item #HC00003


$129.95 (STD)